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About Virtue

Virtue was founded out of our guiding principle that every child, adult and family should have access to high quality, effective care within Behavioral Health, Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and Autism services, whether in the nonprofit or for-profit sector. 

We believe access to critical care can be broadened while still sustaining (and even improving!) quality.  Scaling does not need to come at the expense of diminishing quality and increasing risk. 

Organizations have limited resources, and we want to be the extra support you need, rolling up our sleeves and working beside you to ensure your success.  


Thanks so much for visiting our page!  Virtue was born out of my true passion for Behavioral Health/Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and Autism services from the viewpoint of a clinician, operator AND a parent of a child who receives services.  When my son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum, I had been working in the human services space for over 15 years.  I thought navigating and accessing quality services would be simple for us.  It was not.  Since then, it has been my mission to try and support not only easier access to services, but also quality of care once individuals and families are able to get in the door. I have been able to support organizations by balancing client/clinical needs with operational realities. 


When I was a clinical consultant (as a BCBA), I never felt the model of providing information (that usually wasn't user-friendly), sending the client/family out on their own and wishing them good luck was helpful.  I felt it was important to give the background information, but then train, model and coach.  I still adhere to this hands-on consulting approach, and I hope you will see the difference it makes!

Looking forward to meeting you!


About Our Founder

Rayni Brindley McMahon, M.Ed., BCBA, CPHQ

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Rayni has worked within the BH/DD space for the past 25 years.  Raised as a servant leader, she firmly believes that no one is above any job or task and that the best consultants get their hands dirty to support the client.

She began her career in direct care, working in IDD group homes and providing in-home services for children with autism and MH diagnoses.  She advanced into clinical roles as a BCBA and then Corporate Clinical Director for Autism Services for a multi-state provider.  In that position, she oversaw clinical quality of services as well as operations within private schools for autistic children.


She was promoted into operational roles including Executive Director of Operations and Vice President of Behavioral Health, providing direct oversight for a wide range of services (children/adult BH, SUD, IDD, foster care, autism and education) with P&L responsibility of over $100M.  Rayni has served as the head of HR, Quality Improvement, Learning/Training and has led organizations in multiple restructures.  Her last provider role was as Senior Vice President of Organizational Development for a large, multi-state nonprofit.  She most recently served as the Managing Principal for a small human services consulting firm in Philadelphia, PA.

Her most important, and rewarding, job has been as the mother of two children, one who is neurodivergent.  She is passionate about advocacy for children, adults and families who may not be able to advocate for themselves, as well as systemic change to better support access and quality of care.

Rayni is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality and a Certified Praesidium Guardian.

Rayni Brindley McMahon
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