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Our Services

Executive Officer

Fractional Work

We understand there are times you need significant, time-consuming work done but don't have the current resources or the budget for a full-time staff.  This is where Virtue comes in.  We can provide short-term, cost effective services to get you what you need as you plan for next steps.  Areas of specialty include:

  • Organizational Restructure

  • Operational Turnaround

  • Quality Improvement and Risk Management

  • Learning & Training (Staff and Board)

  • ABA Services


Do you need support on a specific project or initiative?  Are you looking to grow or diversify services but aren't sure where to start?  We can work with you and your team on large scale projects and business development, to include:

  • Due Diligence for M&A

  • Go-to-Market Prep

  • Programmatic Assessment/Analysis

  • Quality Improvement/Data Projects

  • Needs Assessments/Strategic Planning Support

  • Departmental Restructure

  • Obtaining/Maintaining Accreditation

  • Process/Policy Development/Refinement

  • Market Research

  • Content Development (social media posts, blogs, process maps, job aids)

Working Together
Leadership Presentation

Team Development

Every organization goes through periods of time with new leadership or new Board members.  How do you ensure they have all the information needed to be successful?  When you move into a new market/business line, how will you get teams ready to execute?  Whether you face these scenarios or just a need for general training/presentations, we have you covered.  We help design training plans and personalized learning modules such as:

  • Specific Service Types/Market Landscape

  • How to Utilize Data

  • Onboarding for Executives/Board Members

  • Mentoring for New or Up-and-Coming Leaders

  • Staff Empathy/Family Perspective of Services

  • And more!

Schedule your complimentary initial consultation to see if our North Stars align!

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